Extrusion Coater Laminator

Extrusion Coater Laminator

The lamination process is the technology to make single layer film multi-layer film by heat and the processing machine is called laminator. The ID card, restaurant menu are familiar lamination processing items. Besides these, the laminate technology is used in snack packages used for such as noodle and potato chips.

Several Extrusion Laminator models are ready such as single, tandem, co-extrusion and dry laminator which can be selected according to application. These machines allow to manufacture many kinds of films including special industrial materials which have functions such as insulation, chemical resistance. There are uncountable number of actual results including first big machine (roll width 4000mm) in Japan.


Machine Specs

  • Operational speed 200m / 300m / 400m per min
  • Roll Length 1450mm
  • Unwinder Up to 800mm
  • Rewinder Up to 1000mm
  • Drive Method Sectional Drive
Machine information
  • Extrusion with technology
  • Co-extrusion laminator
  • Tandem extrusion laminator
  • Single laminator
  • Dry laminator

Extrusion with technology

Basically the extrusion is the same as film making technology idea. It looks simple work that the melted resin is output, but the process requires important technology: mixing the resin evenly, providing even heat stably, coating the melted resin that becomes high viscosity after melting. The process know-how we accumulated and our high technology allow to realize high quality.

Extrusion Laminator

Co-extrusion laminator

Equips with multiple number of extrusion units: enables to extrude combination of different kinds of resin and enables multi-layer.

Application example: Package for potato chips, instant noodle. Food package for retort.

Tandem extrusion laminator: The evolving model.

Two single laminators are combined and max. 5 layers film production possible.

Application example: Package for Milk and medicine

Single laminator

Equips one extrusion unit. Widely sold and good evaluation from all over the world. The material width and line speed are decided by material. We have variety model lineups from simple low cost model to the high end model with full options. Also customized model is available.

Application example: Package for food and daily goods etc

Dry laminator

Laminator enables to stick a film on other film without thermoplastic resin: after drying film on which a bonding agent is coated the other film without any agent is stuck on the coated film with sheets pressed.

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