Fiber Extrusion Equipment

As the technology have evolved there are many functional materials in clothes, living goods, industrial materials, sanitary goods. In production process to make melt material cool rapidly is called melt spinning.


Machine Specs for Basic Model

  • Twin-screw extruder machine 25mm / 35mm / 65mm
  • Single-screw extruder machine 10mm / 15mm / 20mm / 25mm / 30mm / 40mm / 50mm / 65mm / 90mm / 115mm
Machine Information
  • 3 core technologies
  • Melt Spinning Machine
  • Mono Filament Production Machine
  • Desktop 50 cc biaxial kneader
  • Basic Model
  • Test Line for Spinning

3 core technologies

There are 3 points for melt spinning: Kneading, Nozzle technology, and handling.

  1. Kneading technology: Complete kneading is needed: We mix and knead the material by being alternately rotated screw normally and reversely in the cylinder with the material heated. The homogeneously mixing and kneading can be done.
  2. Nozzle technology: A spinnerets, where the melting spin is output is processed and provided.
  3. Handling: It allows to dry the melt spinning and not to stick together with other spinning.

Melt Spinning Machine

Basic extrusion machine for spinning production. Machines for multifilament melt spinning (such as Nylon, polyether), high speed spinning, ceramic fiber, pitch based carbon.
The machine will be designed based on material, number of filament, spinning diameter, production amount, winding method.

Musashino- product_meltspin_machines_1

Mono Filament Production Machine

Monofilament is thick single fiber of more than dia. 0.15mm. This is used for fishing line, fishing net, tennis gut, classic guitar strings.

Desktop 50 cc biaxial kneader

Nonwoven fabric demand has been increased expanding applications in industrial materials, sanitary goods, daily life materials. There are some methods to manufacture it such as melt blown, span bond, span lace etc.


“Melt blown”to produce nonwoven fabric by 1 step

Melt blown method is to extrude melt resin from serial lineup nozzle. The melt extruded resin in air is cooled by breeze from both side and the less than 10 μ micro-fiber shapewill be fallen down on accumulation conveyor.

Basic Model- (twin-screw extruder machine and single-screw extruder machine)

Musashino Kikai has extruders which are fundamental in each our machines. You can study the machines specification: check target resign, single or twin extruder, screw (diameter, L/D, shape), material, heat temperature and we will design and manufacture.

Test Line for Spinning

Once you confirm spinability. The next is productivity test. Based on test result using our test machine or the user test machine we will resin and manufacture optimized and effective“test spinning line”.

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