Flex Pack Multipack


The Pouch Multipack machine range includes a variety of equipment products that can be used or adapted for use with Stand-Up Pouches as well as other types of flexible packaging. This makes for a convenient and more sustainable solution than full overwrapping or carton boxes.

Flex Pack Multipack
  • Standup Pouches, Side Guset & Spouted Pouches
  • Three Side Seal & Flow Packs

Standup Pouches, Side Guset
& Spouted Pouches

As part of the CEFMA HANDLE range, our model H45B is the core of this range for multipacks with handles. It is an automatic machine for crossways handle application.

This specially designed model for SUPs first applies a strip of tape to the underside of two pouches aligned side-by-side upstream and then places the convenient carry-handle over the top. In this way, the full pouch graphics are visible to the consumer with minimal secondary packaging which functions to hold the bags together, with space for bar codes and promotional messages on the base tape or handle insert.

Other machines in CEFMA HANDLE range that can be used with flexible packaging include:

  • H90B – Dual-lane version of the H45B to process up to 180 standup pouches per minute.
  • H45L – Most popular model for applying handles onto bags with bottom gussets and folded down tops – flour, corn meal or other grains foodstuffs; cement and other home improvement – DIY products in bags.
  • H260ND – One of our rotating paddle technology handle applicators that has been adapted for application of handles onto pouches positioned in carrier pucks.
  • H42 – Side application of handles in a vertical position. Convenient for use on larger bags, like potting soil, fertilizers but can also be used for any pouches or bags big or small from frozen foods to toilet tissue jumbo packs.
  • ATV25 – Specialized system to apply handles over the leading edge of lying down bags.

The CEFMA PACK machine range also includes a variety of machines for tape bundling to make multipacks without handles:

  • BAO15 – Flexible semi-automatic tape bundling machine that applies tape over stacked flexible bags, flow-packs or rigid packaging like boxes to make multipacks of x2, x3… even x4 or more at speeds up to 10-12 packs/minute
  • BAO25 – automated solution for bundling flexible bags, pouches in preformed stacks of x 2 to x4 at up to 25 packs/minute
  • BAO 202 – versatile machine that makes a multipack by applying one strip of tape to the top, one underneath a ‘train’ of flow-packs or bags lying side-by-by side. Upstream staging permits adaptations to allow bundling of 2 – 6 products with printed or unprinted tape which can be offset. Can be used to make duo-packs of bread bags, multipacks different counts of pasta, cookies, or other baked goods in flow-packs.
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