Handle H260 Nd


CEFMA HANDLE H260 ND automatic machine for the application of adhesive carry handles. Compact, dual-lane machine adapted to products of most sizes. Carry handle applied to the top of products.

Other dual-lane handle applicators include:

  • H160 – 35 packs/minute x 2 lanes
  • H240ND – small footprint machine 60 packs/min x 2 lanes
  • H1802 – high-speed dual-lane machine

Machine Specifications - H260 ND

  • Technology Two lanes paddle
  • Speed Nominal 55/min/lane; Maximum 65/min/lane
  • Minimum Center line to center line width 340 mm
  • Adhesive Tape Width 25/30 mm
  • Adhesive Tape Spool Length 5000 m
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How it works

Built-in Conveyors move and space Products.

The Paddle system pulls the Tape from Roll to Label Magazine then onto the Applicator itself. Paddle applies the Sticky Side to Front then turns 180° to apply firmly on Back of the Pack.

At each Half Rotation, Tape is cut and Opposite Side of Paddle has Handle ready for next Pack.


  • Multiformat
  • Small footprint


  • Application system independent from pack conveying flexible loop length for easy pick-up
  • Reliable & simple mechanism  low costs of energy & air, also of maintenance & parts
  • Application and preparation of the next handle done at the same time smooth processing
  • Flexibility of inserts easy change-overs for new SKUs or mixed labels on same product


  • Motorized automatic multi format adjustments
  • Use of Prelaminated Carry Handle
  • Pneumatic Tape Spool Holder
  • Multifonction Control Screen


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