CEFMA ATV 25 automatic machine for the application of adhesive carry handles. Compact, single-lane machine adapted to products of most sizes. Carry handle applied to the front of products.

Machine Speicification - ATV25

  • Efficient Speed 20 bags per minute
  • Maximum Speed 25 bags per minute
  • Handle Length from 180mm to 700mm
  • Label Lengths between 115 mm and 300 mm
  • Label Width 25 mm
  • Label Magazine Capacity 2800 pieces
  • Adhesive Tape suitable for rolls of 5000-6000 m
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How it works

Big bags are conveyed to for a handle to be applied to the leading edge vertically.


Pneumatic for good application on uneven surfaces


Ideal for lying down bags for home and garden use (cement, potting soil…)


Pre-laminated handle option

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