Handle H45

HANDLE 45 automatic machine for the application of adhesive carry handles. Compact, single-lane machine adapted to products of most sizes. Carry handle applied to the top of products.

Machine Specification - Handle H45

  • Speed Nominal 40/min; Maximum 50/min
  • Technology Fork
  • Handle Length Between 300 and 500 mm
  • Label Lengths between 115 mm and 300 mm
  • Label Width 25 mm
  • Length Machine 1600 mm
  • Width Machine 1700 mm
  • Height Machine 1350 mm + conveyor height
  • Label Magazine Capacity 2800 pieces
  • Adhesive Tape 5000-6000 m
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How it works

Products are spaced by included conveyors and a fork applicator firmly applies the handle with label sticky side over the sides H45


  • Spring hinged fork for good application on uneven surfaces (pouches, profiled bottles…)
  • Small footprint


  • Firm application for good adhesion (good bond to paper, uneven surfaces; can be adapted for flaps under boxes or self-standing packs; for soft or rigid products…)
  • Permits applications in various positions (crosswise across top,vertically on side, at angle on top…)
  • Flexibility as can be used for short or long handles, adjustable loop lengths…


  • Pre-laminated handle option
  • Angled handle for large bottles
  • Multiple format kit
  • Pneumatic gripping of tape rolls
  • Multifunctional control console
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