HEATPRO – Electric Tunnel

The Heatpro is Karlville’s electric shrink tunnel solutions, ideal for multiple applications at a reasonable investment value. The system utilizes hot air which is heated and conducted inside the tunnel through two independent temperature zones.


  • Shrinking Solution for Standard Shaped Containers.
  • Shrinking Solution for Water Sensitive Products.
  • Convection, Ambient Air Passes through Heating Elements Directed to Three Levels of Adjustment.
  • No Mechanical Maintenance – Simple Machine Structure.

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Machine Specifications - HEATPRO

  • Average Speed 30-40 bpm/ Depends on Bottle
  • Tunnel Inlet Widths 140 mm/160 mm/180 mm and 220 mm
  • Effective Shrink Height 250 mm
  • Available Lenghts 1600 mm/2200 mm
  • Number of zones 2/4 with 12/24 Heating Elements Each
  • Traditional Conveyor
  • Split Conveyor
  • Focus Shrink Section

Traditional Conveyor

The tunnel may be run with a traditional conveying system, for traditional shrink sleeve applications.

Split Conveyor

Ideal for rotation of containers in order to obtain an equal shrink result in all of the container. The conveyors run at different speeds so the containers spin through the tunnel. This system requires two separate driving motor systems.

Focus Shrink Section

The focus shrink section is used when fixing the label for half body sleeved or specific bottle shapes.

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