This model is designed for Flexible Packaging applications and is ideal for inspection prior to lamination, pouch converting and slitting. With AC Vector Drive driving system and automatic tension control, this model is ideal for large operations that must inspect large printed rolls.

The machine comes standard with 800mm diameter rolls with optional 1000mm diameter winding. An E+L guiding system accurately corrects for any alignment issues. An integrated inspection and splicing table comes standard.

Inspection crossover cameras for single or both sides of web for pharmaceutical and 100% Print / Detect Guarantee processing.

Machine Specifications - Inspect Crossover

  • Speed 984 feet/min (300 meters/min) - 1312 feet/min (400 meters/min)
  • Rolls Diameter 800 mm with optional 1000 mm diameter winding
  • Widths 1300 mm / 1600 mm
  • Minimum Unwind / Rewind Width 300 mm
  • Unwind / Rewind Diameter 800 mm (1000 mm Option)
  • Camera Single and Dual Side
  • Description
  • Design Features


  • Shaftless and Hydraulic Lift Unwind & Rewind
  • Lighted Inspection Table
  • E+L Guiding System
  • Automated Tension Control
  • Auto-Reverse Function
  • AC Vector Drives-Main, Unwind and Rewind
  • Tracing Lay-on Rollers
  • Synchronized Strobe
  • PLC Based Control System
  • Touch screen Interface Integrated to the Machine
  • Optional-Edge Trim


Design Features

  • Servo Motor Driven
  • Forward & Backward Operation
  • Wrinkle Free Operation
  • Servo Driven Unwind & Rewind
  • Hydraulic & Shaftless Unwind & Rewind
  • E+L Web Guide
  • Trim Edge Slitting Option
  • Auto Counter


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