Inspect V


The Inspect-V is the perfect machine for your narrow web inspection needs. Quality control issues, returned rolls, edge problems or simply rewinding a roll, it is easily done with this machine. It is an indispensable tool for the quality minded flexible packaging and label converter.

Machine Specification - INSPECT V

  • Speed 800 feet/minute (300 meters/minute)
  • Widths 600mm / 800mm Max
  • Minimum Unwind / Rewind Width 50mm
  • Unwind / Rewind Diameter 600mm
  • Description
  • Advantages


  • AC Vector Motor Driven
  • Forward & Backward Operation
  • Wrinkle Free Operation
  • Synchronized Strobe
  • Cantilever Unwind & Rewind
  • E+L Web Guide
  • Trim Edge Slitting Option


Stable inspection

  • Prevent excessively detection by pitch slippage caused expansion or weaving.

Without updating inspection

  • Detect growing error (cirrus, gradation of color, etc.,)
  • Detect register error

Improved pattern matching algorithm

  • Improved dingily error detection
  • Improved missing character

Improve Detection Capability

  • Not masked detection
  • Improved detection at contoured area
  • Stable detection at gradational area
  • Strictly detection at plain and solid colored area
  • Improved streak detection by horizontal streak detection in addition to vertical streak detection

Easy Operation

  • Complete operation via touch panel, no need mouse or keyboard
  • Following operation of version 3 and 4
  • According to improved pitch measurement function, realizing automatically pitch measurement
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