Slit Jhs


This new high performance robust overhead slitter rewinder combines new technology, features and design in an ergonomic concept.

  • Smart solutions
  • Reliable, advanced, versatile
  • Unmatched throughput
  • Shaftless unwind with electric lift system


Material to be processed:

Plastic films made from PE, PP, PET, PVC,
Papers and laminates.(depending on material type and thickness)
Rigid films: 10~200 micron / Soft films:12~300 micron

Machine Specification - SLIT JHS

  • Web width 1300 / 1600 / 1800 / 2000 mm max
  • Unwind roll diameter 1000 mm. – Independent Unwind
  • Unwind roll weight 1,200 kg max
  • Unwind roll cores 3” I.D. / 6” I.D. (option)
  • Finished roll diameter 600 mm max. / 800mm (option)
  • Finished roll cores 3” I.D. / 6” I.D. (option)
  • Slit width 50 mm and up (Lower Upon Request)
  • Knifes Shear, Razor & Pneumatic (Auto Knife Position Option)
  • Machine speed max 800 m/min (depending on material type/quality)
  • Winding tension 0.5 pli to 2.5 pli (11 - 45 kg) standard
  • Vacuum Hug Drum
  • Overhead web path
  • Splice and Inspection Table
  • Automatic Roll Unloading Device
  • Segmented Lay-On Roller


Vacuum Hug Drum


  • Absolute Tension Isolation between Unwind and Rewind
  • Slip Free Web Transport
  • Avoids Wrinkles

Main Drive

Higher Efficiency vs. Nip Design

Allows maximum Machine Speed while maintaining precise tension control

Overhead web path

  • Optimum access to slitting section
  • Integrated inspection area
  • No dirt collecting platform
  • No safety hazard due to steps
  • Easy web threading
  • Integrated drive and controls


Splice and Inspection Table


Ideal for Additional Doctoring Capacity

The slitting process is accomplished at higher precision

Three Types of Inspection Tables

  • Inspection Table with Splice Table
  • Splice Table Only
  • Inspection Table Only

Strobe Light Sync to Speed

 Automatic Roll Unloading Device


  •   Ideal for Large Diameter Heavy Rolls
  •   Operator Safety when unloading Rolls as Shaft rotates to safe unloading position



Segmented Lay-On Roller


Located on same square bar with pneumatic pressure ledge as full width lay-on roller


  • Independent Pressure on Each Rewind Roll
  • Able to handle 5-7mm Rewind Diameter difference
  • Fast change over from Full Width to Segmented Lay-on rollers and vise versa
  • Fast repositioning for different Finished Roll width
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