K3 Plus – Seam Machine

Our K3 PLUS model is our 3rd generation seamer of its kind. This stand alone machine operates at 500 meter per minute and forms the sleeves via an adjustable forming section. The machine is available in 300mm lay-flat model.

The new technology eliminates the forming tool for folding and adds a third tension zone which leads to a long list of advantages.

Ideal for converters looking for maximizing innovation by allowing integration of any type of device in 1st tension zone, ease of use driven by machine’s ability to reduce operator’s intervention and no complex tooling for narrow lay flats.

This new machine promises to revolutionize the way shrink sleeves are converted.

Machine Specification - K3 Plus

  • Machine Speed 5 - 500 m/min
  • Unwind Width 720 mm (MAX)
  • Unwind Diameter 800 mm (MAX)
  • Rewind Width 40 - 350 mm
  • Rewind Diameter 700 mm (MAX)
  • Minimum Lay Flat Width 40 mm
  • Core Diameter 3" (76mm) - AIR CHUCKS 5", 6" & 10" OPTION
  • Lay Flat Tolerence 0.25 mm
  • Vertical Perforation Option Unwind
  • Main Advantages
  • Unwind Section
  • Un Registered Pin holes
  • Needle Positioning – Secondary Edge Guide
  • Automatic Friction-Free Lay Flat System
  • Closed Lay Flat Feedback Loop
  • Options

Main Advantages

  • No forming fingers = no friction = less ink and film wear
  • Fastest set-up in the industry
  • Auto-correct feedback loop, recipes
  • Additional nip = better tension control
  • Unwind independent tension zone
  • Seam as close as 5mm from the edge of the film
  • Narrow web labels without tooling
  • No wear parts on forming system


Unwind Section

  • Nip roller before the forming section
  • Isolated tensions in the unwind section:
    • pin holes
    • mechanical perforation
    • laser perforation

Un Registered Pin holes

  • Pin holes on flat film
  • Isolated tension
  • Pin holes interchangeable with continuous perforation


Needle Positioning – Secondary Edge Guide

  • Available for more than 5 years.
  • Needle needs to adjust to the edge of the film.
  • Avoid blocking issues and raised lips.


Automatic Friction-Free Lay Flat System

  • No forming fingers = friction eliminated       inside the film
  • The ink layer is isolated from the process
  • Easy to place the seam 5mm from the side
  • No adjustments of the forming section over time: the side plates are flat on a table
  • Fast Change Over 5 to 10 Minutes
  • High Quality Lay Flat
  • Patent Pending

The Third Generation Seamer sets-up:

  • Lay flat entered by operator
  • Plates move automatically
  • Film set-up/folding
  • Auto Lay Flat Correction
  • 5-10 min set-up – 10m of waste or less per set-up

Quality Control System integrated with labeler:

  • Auto quality check with flag

Non Stop Laser Integration:

  • Continuous Vertical Perforation
  • In Register Cross Perforation
  • In Register Pin Holes


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