K4 Compact


The machine features Automatic Turret Rewind and a Driven Single Shaft Unwind. The machine is available in 350mm & 500mm lay-flat models. Both Servo & AC Motor technologies available for 500M/MIN speeds. Non-Stop production translates to higher production, lower waste and savings in inspection cost.

Machine Specification - K4 - COMPACT

  • Speed 500 m/min
  • Width 350/500 mm
  • Material Widhts 850/1050 mm
  • Unwind Diameter 700 mm
  • Rewind Diameter 600 mm
  • Minimum Lay Flat Width 55 mm with 18 mm Option
  • Core Diameter 3" (76mm)
  • Lay Flat Tolerence 0.25 mm
  • Advantages
  • QC Package - Lay Flat Monitor & Report
  • Micro Edge Guide for Solvent Needle
  • UV Sensor

Karlville Customers

Our customers are companies with fast growing operations in the market

Films Always Straight Through Machine

Never forced side to side for oscillation. Even with turrets; complete turret moves back and forth on
Heavy duty linear bearings

Precision Solvent Application

Direct Injection Needle Type Solvent Application with Proportional Solvent Controlled Integrated to PLC


Fully Adjustable Forming System
Multiple Configurations to meet specific Converter Demands
Tightest lay flat tolerance in the industry
Precise Tension Control via Unwind & Rewind Load Cell System with Closed Loop Via PLC
Robust design & easy operator friendly Control System

Services Staff

Our team truly understands business; cross trained in Sleeve Application. Karlville Technicians are considered among the best in the Shrink Sleeve Business

Web Width 5

QC Package – Lay Flat Monitor & Report

Lay Flat Measuring System allows Operator to Input Tolerance Range; if Outside of Set Tolerance Range Alarm is Triggered.

Sensors Automatically See Film and Move into Position.

Easy to View Graphical Interface

Option: Reporting Wed Width & Meter Counter Allows Remote Access by Wifi

Micro Edge Guide for Solvent NeedleMicro Edge Guide for Solvent 2

Fiber Optic Sensor works along with Stepper Motor to align the solvent needle to the edge of the film.

Excellent Needle Positioning– This innovative device allows for excellent needle positioning without the worry of micro movements caused by roll changes, splices or slitter stops.

Micro Edge Guide– At 300 M/MIN, the micro edge guide will make quick movement to keep solvent at film edge.

Device Origin– This device was originally created for converters that ran blown film with uneven thickness and edges.

NO Longer Need to Stop due to Adjust Needle– Operators are continually adjusting the placement of the needle to the edge of the film. Operators worry about micro movements that will place the solvent inside or outside the required placement. Your operator will no longer need to adjust needle during each roll change, splice or slitter stops as the device automatically adjusts to the required edge.

UV Sensor

Open Seam Detector detect un seamed material via UV sensor at 300-500 meters per minute.UV Sensor


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