Kj Sup

Thermal – KJ-SUP-  Stand Up Pouch Machine

The Thermal – KJ-SUP Single Lane model is a high speed, quick changeover machine designed for high performance standup & three side seal zipper pouch production.

Machine Specification - KJ-SUP Standup

  • Speed 45 m/min or 180 Shots per minute
  • Available Machine Width 400mm / 600mm
  • Material Width 1000mm / 1200mm
  • Diameter 800mm
  • Pouch Width 50mm to 600mm
  • Pouch Length 50mm to 400mm / 50mm to 600mm
  • Unwinding Unit
  • Stand-up Pouch Forming System
  • COMBO Sealing Section
  • Second Longitudinal Station (Option)
  • Cross Sealing & Cooling Section
  • Cutting Knife Section


Unwinding Unit

  • 3″ Air Shaft
  • Edge & Line Guide by Erhardt+Leimer
  • Powder Brake (Mitsubishi)
  • Tension Measuring Roller & Tension Control System (Mitsubishi)
  • Dancer Roller with Driven Nip Roller
  • Multi-Entry Point V-Folding System

Stand-up Pouch Forming System Stand-up TackHolePunch- Low reso


  • Tack Hole Punching System
  • Low Friction Multi-Wheel Gusset Forming Device




Better COMBO

COMBO Sealing Section

For Multiformat Configuration, the middle frame area is of composed of Two Longitudinal Seals Stations that can be used COMBO SEALING as follows:


  • Doyen or K Seal
  • Doyen or K Seal Plus Zipper
  • Zipper with Bottom Seal

Better Longitudanal station

Second Longitudinal Station (Option)

Additional station maybe utilized to increase speed for retort standup pouches as well as to fabricate tamper evident bottom fill zipper pouches.

CrossSealSection- Low reso

Cross Sealing & Cooling Section

As a standard, we offer 4 cross seal bar stations along with 1 cross cool station prior to cutting.

  • Additional cross seal and cooling stations are optional
  • Ultrasonic zipper crush station is optional
  • High lift system for cross seal and cooling device is optional

Cutting Knife SectionCutting Knife-19

  • Precision Knife with Carbide Blades
  • Cross Roller Bearings
  • Conveying System


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