Ks Dsup 400 Gs


Sustainable Machines for Sustainable Packaging
All Karlville Swiss pouch machines have embedded a dynamic braking energy storage device to create more sustainability in drive technology and lowering operational costs and a static energy storage device that protects against damage from temporary power failures. Only 6KWH consumption during production.

Designed for narrow digital and for conventional print, this is a compact, multi-web synchronization, quick changeover pouch machine ideal for short & medium high-performance production for standard laminations.

8 servos:

  • 5 servos for film feed system
  • 1 servo for longitudinal sealing and cooling
  • 1 servo for cross sealing and cooling
  • 1 servo for cross cutting

Our Team & Our Experience Make the Difference

The control system for our pouch lines is windows based making simple for operators & very easy to for managing remote maintenance and troubleshooting. The software offers high integration capability with external and/or customer tools. Diagnostics are performed entirely from the machine, without external cables / programs / computers. We have three technical teams to support the line, based in Swiss, USA and Taiwan.

Machine Specification

  • Mechanical speed 290cpm
  • Main unwinder width 420mm – 16.53"
  • Main reel core 76mm – 3"
  • Main reel diam. 600mm – 23.62"
  • Material specs PET, ALU, PA with PP or PE
  • Material thickness 55-200µ
  • Installed power 35kW
  • Air requirement 6 bar/90 PSI 15 l/min
  • Installation area (W x L x H) 1.6m x 11.8m x 2.3m

Standard Basic Machine Configuration*

  • Dual inline unwinder Yes
  • Gusset unwinder Yes
  • Long sealing bar length 560mm
  • Long cooling bar length 360mm
  • Ultrasonic zipper crush Yes
  • Cross sealing stations 5
  • Cross cooling station 1
  • Punching stations 2
  • Cross cutting Flying knife

* Various options are available on request, final machine dimensions depends on options.

  • 3-Side-Seal Pouches From 2 Webs
  • Stand-Up Pouches From 3 Webs
  • 3-Side-Seal Pouches With Zipper From 2 Webs (Bottom Fill)
  • Small Stand-Up Pouches From 3 Webs

3-Side-Seal Pouches From 2 Webs


Ksdsup400gs 3 Side Seal Pouches From 2 Webs

Stand-Up Pouches From 3 Webs


Ksdsup400gs Stand Up Pouches From 3 Webs

3-Side-Seal Pouches With Zipper From 2 Webs (Bottom Fill)

Ksdsup400gs Side Seal Pouches With Zipper From 2 Webs Bottom Fill

Small Stand-Up Pouches From 3 Webs


Ksdsup400gs Small Stand Up Pouches From 3 Webs


Key Machinery Advantages
  • Main Features
  • Compact machine.
  • Single web.
  • Ideal for short-medium runs.
  • Best solution for mid-wide printers.
  • Easy to use machine.
  • Modular design.
  • Custom solutions.
  • Unique guided set-up procedure from recipe. 
  • Very low scrap rate during machine start-up. 
  • Fully servo driven machine (min. 7).
  • Increased production speed.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • Initial reject discard function. 
  • Easy cleaning high-frame.
  • Quick changeover machine.
  • Fully connected with integrated diagnostics.
  • Mono-materials and Compostable materials ready.
  • Digital printing certified.
  • Embedded dynamic braking device.
  • Static energy storage device.
  • Designed with sustainability in mind, only 6KWH consumption during production.

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