Ksi Pro Combi


The KSI a unique concept of 2 in 1 machine allowing simultaneous Slitting & Inspecting of self adhesive labels and film materials. The KSI can reach speeds up to 300 meters per minute while slitting and inspecting with synchronized stroboscope option, and up to 200 meters per minute while slitting and inspecting with integrated auto inspection system as option.

The KSI uses a closed loop tension control system on unwind & rewind to ensure high quality finished rolls on your most difficult materials. This is the ideal Slitting & Inspecting solution for narrow web printers, Click for more slitting and inspection machines!

Machine Specification - KSI Pro Combi

  • Speed 300 meters per minute
  • Widths 450 mm/650 mm
  • Unwind Diameter 800 mm
  • Rewind Diameter 700 mm
  • Advantages
  • Features
  • Rewind Shafts

Film Slitting

Unmatched Tension Control with Open and Closed Loop Systems as Standard.
Allows Tension Settings Down to @ 0.1 pounds per linear inch (20 grams per linear cm)

Label Counting System

Intelligent Label Counting System
Automatic Setup & Calibration of Label Length
Easy Integration of Vision Systems
All Control Functions via PLC

Human Machine Interface

Color Touch Screen to Set All Operating Functions
Recipe Storage
Operator Friendly Layout

Ergonomic Design & Solid Machine Construction


  • Splice Tables – Unwind & Waste
  • Flag Detection
  • View Table with Unliux Strobe
  • Web Accumulation Post Operator View Table
  • Ultra Sonic Edge Guide Prior to Slitting Station
  • Razor & Shear Slitting
  • Independently Driven Bi-Directional Differential and Air Rewind Shafts
  • Lay-On Rollers
  • Ergonomic Foot Pedals to Inflate & Deflate Rewind Shafts
  • Touch Screen – All Operator Controls
  • Web Clamps – Unwind, Rewind & Splice Tables
  • Label Count & Missing Label Sensors
  • Waste Rewinder & Edge Trim Vacuum System
  • Anti Static Bars

Rewind Shafts


Differential Shaft

  • Internal Air Expansion
  • Ball Locks
  • Entire Shaft Remains Unchanged for any Slit Width Above 40mm.
  • 3” (76mm) & 6” (152mm), Other Sizes Available

Minimum Slit Width

  • Standard – 40mm (1.57”)
  • Option – Down to 25mm (0.98”)
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