Ksi Prolabel

KSI ProLabel

The KSI ProLabel is an easy to use slitting and inspection machine for the inspection of self adhesive labels stock in plastic or paper. It’s an integrated smart counting system, complemented by an advanced inspection algorithm will make sure that all rolls inspected will always contain the exact amount of labels needed.

Machine Specification - KSI ProLabel

  • Speed 300 m/min
  • Unwind Diameter 350 mm/450 mm Widths
  • Rewind Diameter 40 mm Widths
  • Features
  • Unwind Shaft
  • Rewind/Unwind Tension System
  • Rewind Shaft


  • Film Accumulation
  • Unilux Strobe & Operator View Table
  • Shear Knifes
  • Single Rewind Shaft
  • Air Shafts
  • Digital Edge Guide
  • Unwind & Splice Table
  • Foot Pedals
  • Touch Screen
  • Web Gripper

Unwind Shaft


ProLabel comes standard with a Cantilever Air Shaft

Rewind/Unwind Tension SystemPicture2

Rewind Auto Control by Calculation.

Unwind The KSI ProLabel comes with a magnetic: powder brake unwind tension control system.

Unwind Nip Drive Rewind
ProLabel Powder Brake, Auto Control by Calculation Driven AC Vector Motor, Pneumatically Actuated Driven AC Vector Motor, Auto Control by Calculation

Rewind Shaft


ProLabel comes standard with a Single Rewind Shaft Bi Directional.

Special Roller Option for ProLabel allows Converter to Slit Film with Single Shaft.

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