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Thermal – KW-FB-700 Pouch Machine


The Thermal KW-FB-700 is a pouch machine, designed for high performance production of:

  • Quad seal flat bottom pouch with/without zipper

Machine Specification -KW-FB-700

  • Maximum machine speed: Max. 120cpm
  • Estimated production speed: 1-up production: 100cpm (100ppm) 2-up production: 80cpm (160ppm)
  • Main material width: Max. 1350mm (53.14”)
  • Material diameter: Max. 800mm (31,49”)
  • Side gusset material width: Max. 400mm (15,74”)
  • Side gusset material diameter: Max. 800mm (31,49”), folding width 200mm
  • Material core I.D. 76mm (3”)
  • Material range specifications: PET, ALU, PAPER, PE laminated with PP or PE
  • Material thickness: 60µ - 160µ
  • Eye mark accuracy: ≤±1.5mm
  • Installation area (LxWxH): 22500x5000x2300mm
  • Weight: Approx. 13000Kg
  • Air requirements: 6Bar/90PSI 15L/min.
  • Power: 3P/AC380V/50Hz, 3-phase+N, 85Kw
  • Safety: CE (UL/CSA on request)
  • Pouch specifications
  • Main features

  • Two roll side gusset unwind with integrated accumulator for non-stop operation
  • High stability side gusset insertion system
  • High accuracy upper and lower material registration system
  • Angled bottom forming device for improved stability and better access
  • Laser light beams for easier set-up and material guiding
  • Rotary cutting device for optimum film tracking when running two up
  • Synchronous adjustment of upper and lower longitudinal sealing/cooling bars
  • Integrated control cabinet
  • High production speeds up to 100 ppm 1 up / 160 ppm 2 up
  • Fast set-up design



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