Low Speed Can Line

Low Speed CAN Line Machine

The Karlville SP150 and 1.5 Tornado

Full Body, Full body with Tamper Evidence, Partial Label and Twin Pack

Features :

  • Linear process flow
  • Direct sleeve application
  • Stainless construction

The Low Speed Can line can offer different kind of machine combinations such as:

Machine Specifications - Low Speed CAN Line

  • Max Speed Up to 100bpm
  • Label Thickness >35um
  • Product Height 50mm - 340mm
  • Product Diameter 42mm - 140mm
  • Materials PET, HDPE, glass, plastic, tape, PS, PP, MLX
  • Included in Each System
  • Optional Modules
  • SleevePro 150- Shrink Sleeve Applicator
  • Tornado- Tunnel
  • HeatPro- Tunnel

Included in Each System

  • Min/Max line controls
  • Product handing control
  • Rockwell HMI controls

Optional Modules

  • Perforation modules
  • Coding modules
  • Orientation modules
  • Steam tunnels


The new SP150  fits low speed applications. It processes about 150 containers per minute.


  • Linear Process Flow
  • Direct Sleeve Application.
  • Stainless Steel  Construction.
  • Changes over less than 10 minutes.
  • Allow Bradley compliant US Standards.


Tornado Advantages

  • Shrinking Solution for Difficult Shaped Containers
  • Shrinking Solution for Water Sensitive Products
  • Shrinking Solution for Heat Sensitive Containers like PET
  • Eliminate After-Shrink Wrinkles
  • Save Energy – High Efficiency Design
  • Save Space –  No Need for Extra Leister Guns and Special Rotation Systems
  • No Mechanical Maintenance – Simple Machine Structure
  • No Need for Steam Boiler and Steam Boiler Infrastructure (Ideal for Blow Molders, Contract Packers and Thermformers)

HeatPro- Tunnel

The Heatpro is Karlville’s electric shrink tunnel solutions, ideal for multiple applications at a reasonable investment value. The system utilizes hot air which is heated and conducted inside the tunnel through two independent temperature zones.

Traditional Conveyor
The tunnel may be run with a traditional conveying system, for traditional shrink sleeve applications.

Split Conveyor
Ideal for rotation of containers in order to obtain an equal shrink result in all of the container. The conveyors run at different speeds so the containers spin through the tunnel. This system requires two separate driving motor systems.

Focus Shrink Section
The focus shrink section is used when fixing the label for half body sleeved or specific bottle shapes.


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