Pack 50


CEFMA PACK 50 automatic machine for tape bundling of multi packs in 1×2 and 1×3.
Compact machine adapted to products of most all sizes.
Products are transported standing up on a belt conveyor.
The bundle is made by application of two strips of adhesive tape with flaps.
Products are stopped when tape application is made.

Machine Specification - CEFMAPACK50

  • Maximum Speed 40 bundles/minute
  • Adhesive Tape Width 50 mm - 150 mm
  • Adhesive Tape Strip Length 200 m - 500 m
  • Length 3200 mm
  • Height Depending on installation
  • Width 1800 mm
  • How it works
  • Features
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How it works

Drink cartons or OTC box type products are products conveyed standing up side-by-side are staged into 2s, 3s 4s prior to application of one tape strip each side.


  • Multiformat
  • Suitable for use with print-registered tape


  • Frame and electrical cabinet in stainless steel
  • Front-side, back-side flaps
  • A convenient carry handle can be added
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