Solvent Turret Laminator Bgtransp
Raul Matos 02 Aug, 2019

The Solvent Adhesive Turret Laminator has excellent design, reliability, safety and operator control. A leading machine in Asia markets for retort and hot fill applications, the turret efficiency is unmatched. Webcontrol’s web handling & tension control "know-how," along with the ability to register coatings, is a great feature. The machine is highly efficient in terms of energy as well as compliance with global regulations.. Learn more »

Coat Weight System New
Raul Matos 15 Apr, 2016

The coat weight measurement system is an accurate meter that uses infrared light technology.. Learn more »

Raul Matos 17 Mar, 2016

The SL model is a semi-automatic monolayer extruder.. Learn more »

Crossover 21 Edited
Raul Matos 14 Apr, 2016

This model is designed for Flexible Packaging applications and is ideal for inspection prior to lamination, pouch converting and slitting. With AC Vector Drive driving system and automatic tension control, this model is ideal for large operations that must inspect large printed rolls.. Learn more »

Co Extrusion
Raul Matos 17 Mar, 2016

The 3 layer co-extruder comes standard with AC vector motors with inverter drives for the entire machine, PLC central control, automatic tension control by load cells, fully motorized bubble cage, horizontal 360 degrees oscillating tower, web guide device and fully automatic sheeting winder (also called double winder). The machine is also available with CE approved package for electronics and motors.. Learn more »

Karlville Pack Ready Machine
Raul Matos 10 May, 2016

The STANDARD Pack Ready laminator, installed inside both Atlanta & Barcelona HP Indigo Digital Pouch Factories, is our most sold model globally. Fabricated in batches for quicker delivery, the machine is designed for both surface & reverse print applications.. Learn more »

Hp Indigo Pack Ready Lamination Structure
Raul Matos

For high-performance applications and immediate time to market.. Learn more »

Extrusion Sm 50
Raul Matos 17 Mar, 2016

The SM model is a fully automatic high output monolayer extruder.. Learn more »

Shrink Sleeve For Beverage
Raul Matos 11 Mar, 2016

QUADRAXIS SLEEVE 3D SUITE offers a solutions to companies in the Packaging Industry who must create and produce sleeves to get the most out pf not only rich graphics but also maximum decoration area.. Learn more »

Heat Pro
Raul Matos 24 Mar, 2016

The Heatpro is Karlville's electric shrink tunnel solutions, ideal for multiple applications at a reasonable investment value.. Learn more »

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