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Dinorah Talavera 17 Mar, 2016

The SM model is a fully automatic high output monolayer extruder.. Learn more »

Dinorah Talavera 11 Mar, 2016

QUADRAXIS SLEEVE 3D SUITE offers a solutions to companies in the Packaging Industry who must create and produce sleeves to get the most out pf not only rich graphics but also maximum decoration area.. Learn more »

Dinorah Talavera 24 Mar, 2016

The Heatpro is Karlville's electric shrink tunnel solutions, ideal for multiple applications at a reasonable investment value.. Learn more »

Dinorah Talavera 10 Mar, 2016

SI-Mini is ideal for product development as well as converters entering spouted pouch business. The tooling is simple to make locally for quick market reaction.. Learn more »

Dinorah Talavera 18 Mar, 2016

Laminator is the starting point of the Film Magic Lab a Musashino Kikai establishment. Its history started with manufacturing of the first Japanese made extrusion laminator. . Learn more »

Dinorah Talavera 17 Mar, 2016

The SL model is a semi-automatic monolayer extruder.. Learn more »

k@rvill3 08 Mar, 2016

Multi-trolley coating station in same frame with quick trolley change-over concept. Rotogravure trolley with doctor blade, driven smoothing bar for water based and solvent based coating. Solventless trolley with five roller coating system, rotogravure trolley for cold sealed coating in register. High efficiency dryer, turret unwind/rewind available in shafted or shaftless configuration.. Learn more »

Dinorah Talavera 17 Mar, 2016

The 3 layer co-extruder comes standard with AC vector motors with inverter drives for the entire machine, PLC central control, automatic tension control by load cells, fully motorized bubble cage, horizontal 360 degrees oscillating tower, web guide device and fully automatic sheeting winder (also called double winder). The machine is also available with CE approved package for electronics and motors.. Learn more »

Dinorah Talavera 11 Mar, 2016

Quadraxis offers a solution to companies who must create and produce thermoformed parts, allowing them to cover the entire surface of their subject with a perfect and artful design, regardless of the objects size or shape.. Learn more »

k@rvill3 08 Mar, 2016

High performance laminator, provides precise coating weight consistency from minimum to maximum speed with the best combination of coating and laminating position.. Learn more »

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