Pharma Line

Pharma Line

The Pharma line can be produced using any of our Automated Application and Tunnel machinery to support your pharma production expectations. The SleevePro 400 in combination of a Tornado it is an excellent mix to support your line that can produce up to 400 containers per minute. The optimum combination for you depends on the container shape and the sleeve cut length.

Machine Specification- Pharma Line

  • Bottle Diameter From 25 - 155 mm
  • Sleeve Cut Length 30 - 300 mm
  • Max Speed - Tamper Evident 150 - 800 CPM
  • Max Speed - 1/2 Sleeve 150 - 750 CPM
  • Max Speed - Full Body 120 - 700 CPM
  • Film Thickness 0.035 - 0.08 mm
  • Effective Shrink Hight 280 / 350 MM
  • Application Options
  • Tornado Advantages
  • Shrink Sleeve Facts

Application Options

Perforation: The SP models are capable to handle continuous vertical cross horizontal perforation per request.

Detection – Rejection: The SP models are capable to detect presence of the label, splice, label height.


Special Handling Systems: In the SP models, the special handling systems can be introduce to meet special product shares.

Stand Alone Unwinded System With Film Accumulator: This option can be integrated to the Hight Speed SleevePro models to avoid downtime on the production line by using the accumulator to splice to a new roll.


Orientation Systems: The SP models can use orientation system thru conveyor.

Tornado Advantages

  • Shrinking Solution for Difficult Shaped Containers
  • Shrinking Solution for Water Sensitive Products
  • Shrinking Solution for Heat Sensitive Containers like PET
  • Eliminate After-Shrink Wrinkles
  • Save Energy – High Efficiency Design
  • Save Space –  No Need for Extra Leister Guns and Special Rotation Systems
  • No Mechanical Maintenance – Simple Machine Structure
  • No Need for Steam Boiler and Steam Boiler Infrastructure (Ideal for Blow Molders, Contract Packers and Thermformers)

Shrink Sleeve FactsGummies- Pharma-1

Shrink sleeve labels are made from 4 different types of materials

  • PVC- Thermoplastic vinyl polymer
  • OPS-Orientated Polystyrene
  • PETG
  • PLA

Shrink sleeves can be applied using

  • Steam
  • Hot Air (Commonly with Rotation)
  • Leister Guns
  • Radiant Heat
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