Pro Series Solventless Laminator

Pro Series Solventless Laminator

High performance laminator, provides precise coating weight consistency from minimum to maximum speed with the best combination of coating and laminating position. Proven five roller coating system with effective lamination immediately after coating. Material travels overhead to the rewind already laminated. Available for roll to roll or fully automatic operation.

Machine Specifications Pro Series Solventless Laminator

  • Material Width 650mm – 1300mm ( 25.59” – 51.18“ )
  • Unwind Diameter 800mm /31.5”
  • Rewind Diameter 1000mm/ 39.37”
  • Max Machine & Lamination Speed 400 m/m (1312.34 ft/m)
  • Machine Dimensions Length – 10940mm ( 430.71”)
  • Width – 6095mm (239.96“)
  • Height – 3465mm ( 136.41“)
  • Quality Control
  • Coating System
  • Lamination System
  • First & Second Turret Unwinds
  • Infeed System Rewind

Quality Control


Simple and fast procedure to measure coating weight compared with traditional weigh-scale method. By using on- line and non-contact system to measure the coating weight, the operators can perform the suitable adjustments without wasting time.


It is possible to confirm the mixing ratio and the mixing status by checking the measurement values.


Especially for controlling the adhesive with quick reactive time to ensure that the lamination has been done before reaction.

Coating System


5 Roller System

  • Doctoring Roller
  • Dosing Roller
  • Sleeved Transfer Roller
  • Coating Roller
  • Nip Pressure Roller

3 Motor Independent Control

  • AC Vector with Reducer for Dosing Roller
  • AC Vector with Reducer for Transfer Roller
  • Servo for Coating Roller

All Control via HMI & PLC

Short Distance Between Lamination & Coating System


Lamination System

  • 3 Roller System

Top & Bottom Leveling and Support Roller

Top Lamination Nip Roller

  • Top Support Roller Provides Extra Lamination Support & Precise Leveling
  • Less Than 1000mm (40”) Web Travel Between Coating & Lamination Systems
  • Load Cell Installed Between Coating & Lamination Systems for High Accuracy Tension Control
  • Other Systems have 7 meters (21 ft) of Film Travel Between Coating & Lamination Systems making it more difficult to Control Tension & Curling Issues.


First & Second Turret Unwinds

  • Independent Servo Driven
  • Dancer Roller
  • 76mm (3”) & 152mm (6”) Core Size
  • Automatic cross cut and transfer system with lay-on roller
  • Optional Second automatic cross cut and transfer system for both winding directions

Infeed System Rewind


  • Servo Driven Rewind Shafts
  • Linear carriage for constant gap winding mode
  • Cooled Rollers
  • Dancer Rollers
  • Automatic Web Transfer for Non-Stop
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