Seaming Solvents

Seaming solvents

You produce shrink sleeves with high quality films, inks and machinery. Seaming is the last and most crucial process.

If you calculate the cost of our seaming solvents into the cost of your labels, the cost disappears as a rounding error.  So why wouldn’t you use only the best solutions for the best results?

At Seaming Solvents, we aim to provide high quality solvents that are recognized by the industry’s suppliers. We provide quick and efficient customer service by manufacturing solvents in different continents, making logistics less costly and quicker.


Seaming Solvents

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  • MP-Fast – Multi-purpose solvent with fast drying time.
  • MP-Fast – Multi-purpose solvent with fast drying time.
  • K-PETG – Dedicated PETG solvent
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