SI-100 – Spouting Inserting Machine

Machine for spouting pouches on top and Corner position with up to 100 Pouches per Minute. Ready for recycle ready film

Machine Specification - SI 100

  • Speed up to max. 100
  • Main Drive AC servo motor
  • Pouch Width 80 mm - 250 mm
  • Pouch Height 100 mm - 320 mm
  • Film Material PET/PE, PET/PP, BOPP/PE, BOPP/PP / Ready for recycle ready film
  • Thickness 90 µm-240 µm
  • Spout 8,5 mm / 10,5 mm / 12,5 mm of different producers
  • Ultrasonic Welding Advantages
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Spout Inserting
  • Options
  • Filler Option


Ultrasonic Welding Advantages

  • Up to 70% increase of cycles
  • Use of recyclable film material
  • Reliable production process by constant energy input
  • Up to 80% lower setup and changing times
  • No risk of burns during cleaning work
  • Optimal energy efficiency
  • Contamination by filling can be detected
  • Increase of quality
  • Targeted energy input


Ultrasonic Welding

With Ultrasonic Sealing heat is generated at the inside of the film (between the two layers), not by heat input from the outside as is the case with heat sealing, for example. The tools (sonotrode and anvil) that come into direct contact with the packaging material, remain cold during the entire weld process. The support layer in the laminate remains almost cold and upon termination of energy input, the heat dissipates faster to the outside due to the temperature difference between the support layer and the sealing layer so that the hot-tack resistance is significantly higher.

SI-einschweissen-spoutSpout Inserting

Vakuum opens top seal to place the Spout before fixing it by ultrasonic welding.

SI-beutel-Pick and place


  • Infrared Camera monitoring for the presence of the spout at specific position without exact measuring.
  • Automatic Rail Changer with Rail Collection Conveyor:Rail holding magazine for approx. 10 rails
  • Placer for Corner Spouting

Food Filling Machine LF 100 Option

  • Machine divided in dry and wet area, and executed in easy
    -to-clean stainless steel design. Wet area completely to rinse.
  • Separation of rejects before the fi lling line
  • Drip free fi lling head CIP85
  • Capper unit with linear drive, monitoring of torque and position, consistent unscrewing of the caps
  • CIP and SIP capable fi lling system, completely of stainless steel 1.4401, execution suitable for foodstuffs
  • Rinsing head for CIP-cleaning
  • Servo driven piston pump CIP1000, no dead space, in process-optimized, inclined mounting position. Two process connections DN50, one CIP-connection DN32

Data and features:

  • Machine output: 100 pouches/min with 500ml, 2-web
  • Max. pouch size: 1000 ml (pouch sizes up to 2000 ml on request)
  • Spout sizes: Design on request Ø 8,5 mm – 12,5 mm

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