SI 3000 – Spout Inserting Machine

This complete machinery has the possibility to automatically upload the pouches and insert the spout.

Machine Specifications- SI 3000

  • Speed Max 40 ppm
  • Spout Position Top Center
  • Change over Time using same spout differnt bag less than 30 min
  • Inserting capacity max. 30 cycles/min.
  • Pouch Width 145-270mm
  • Pouch Length 270-680mm
  • Conveyor belt height discharge max. (adjustable) 700-900mm
  • Range of adjustment of feet ± 50mm
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Pre-made bag of co-ex material or laminate material with inside PE or PP sealant layer. The spout material and the inside of the pouch must be of the same resin. That is, either PE or PP.


  • Highly flexible
  • Large format range
  • Ideal for pouch makers or brand owners/copackers


  • Outfeeding on rails
  • Camera Inspection
  • Ability to handle multiple spouts

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