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SI-Mini Servo is a servodriven semiautomatic spout inserting machine dedicated for pilot and small production runs. This machine handles and seals the pouch in a similar way as our industrial spout sealing machines.

Machine Specification- SI Mini Servo

  • Type of pouches Pre-made standing pouch, side seal pouch, bag of co-ex material or laminate material with inside PE or PP sealant layer. 100% monomaterial – PE or PP -
  • Number of Feeding Stations 2
  • Number of Sealing Stations 1 to 2
  • Spout Position Top Center & Corner
  • Pouch loading system Manual
  • Spout inserting process Automatic
  • Features
  • Possible Spout Position and Pouch Shape
  • Advantages
  • Machine Compliance


  • Stainless steel construction, solid welded machine.
  • 2 infeed stations for more efficient production. Machine will be manually fed with pre-made standing pouch, three side seal pouch and side gusset pouch and selected spout.
  • 1 or 2 sealing stations depending on pouch and spout material. The sealing is done via thermal sealing tools. The time, pressure, and temperature are adjustable. 
  • 1 cooling station. The cooling is done via contour tools. The cooling time and pressure are adjustable.
  • Flexible machine that can insert top and corner spout for a wide range of pouch sizes (width 30 – 320 mm and length – 70 – 450mm) and film thickness from 60 to 350 µm
  • Power connection – 230V monophase 
  • Compressed air – 15LPM at 6bar (90PSI)
  • PLC/ HMI system – Siemens for operation and remote assistance.

Possible Spout Position and Pouch Shape

  • Top and corner spout inserter, max. spout base width – 65mm. The special shape of the spout feature might be possible to be sealed and it is subject to technical assessment.
  • Pouch shape – square, round or shaped. IN some cases special tooling for handling certain shapes will be needed.



  • Easy to operate, flexible and highly reliable process, allowing customers to confidently supply spouted pouches at competitive cost.
  • Perfect platform for spouted pouches new players, customers with low volumes and/or converters in need to target specific applications at low dollar amount investment.
  • Machine replicates sealing performance of an industrial high-speed machines.
  • Sealing and cooling jaws are interchangeable with those of high-speed SI-40 or SI60.
  • Safe to operate machine.

Machine Compliance

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG
  • Machine complies with EU, UL and CSA Standards.
  • CE marked


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