Sleevepro 200


The SP200 automatic applicator has been designed for small to medium companies who require reliable and flexible solutions, but that are very careful to find a competitive balance between efficiency and cost. The machine may be integrated to SteamPro as well as Tornado tunnel. A great machine for smaller containers in food, cosmetic as well as home and personal care industries.


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Machine Specification

  • Bottle Diameter 25 mm/155 mm
  • Sleeve Cut Length 30 mm/300 mm
  • Bottle Height 40 mm/350 mm
  • Maximum Speed: Up to 200 CPM
  • Film Thickness 25 µm/70 µm
  • Sleeve Inner Core Diameter 127 mm/254 mm (5"/10")
  • Maximum Roll Diameter 500 mm
  • Number of Reels 1
  • Features
  • Options


  • Max speed 200cp
  • Stainless steel main frame
  • Motorised lifting
  • Unwinder tesnion system and end or roll
  • Air conditionning
  • UPS
  • Registration
  • 1 reel holder
  • Brush
  • 3 front Doors in Front of the machine
  • Painted control box fixed on the machine
  • 1 cutting block
  • 1 Bullet
  • 1 infeed screw 400mm
  • Conveyor 3 meters
  • CE guarding
  • one infeed sensor for bottle presence
  • one outfeed sensor for control oufeed jam
  • TCP-IP or Modbus, dry contact exchange
  • PLC, HMI and inverter Schneider


Perforation: The SP models are capable to handle continuous vertical cross horizontal perforation per request.

• Vertical Perforation                                                • Cross Perforation

Vertical Perforation                                              Cross Perforation

• Vertical Perforation

Vertical Perforation

• Cross Perforation

Cross Perforation

• Micro Perforation for irregular shape to improve shrink results


Detection – Rejection: The SP models are capable to detect presence of the label, splice, label height.

  • Standard Photocell
  • Vision Camera Systems (Optional)

Customized Handling Systems: They will be introduced to meet special product shapes requirements.

Empty Applications                                  Filled Applications

Sleevepro 200Sleevepro 200

Empty Applications

Sleevepro 200

Filled Applications

Sleevepro 200

Round Special Shape                                         Non-round Special Shape

Sleevepro 200Sleevepro 200

Round Special Shape

Sleevepro 200

Non-round Special Shape

Sleevepro 200

Partial Applications

Sleevepro 200

Orientation Systems: The SP models can use orientation system thru conveyor.

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