Slit Hs Compact


The SLIT HS COMPACT series slitter is ideal for all types of flexible packaging materials as well as label stock. The compact design with integrated unwind allows for easy install and space allocation. The machine comes with both razor & shear knifes, both adjustable from operator side. This machine is ideal for budget conscious flexible packaging converter looking for compact design.

Material to be processed:

Plastic films made from PE, PP, PET, PVC
Papers and laminates.(depending on material type and thickness)
Rigid films: 10~200 micron / Soft films:12~300 micron

Machine Specification - Slit HSC Compact

  • Speed 400 m/min
  • Web Width 800 / 1000 / 1300 mm max
  • Unwind Diameter 800 mm – Integrated Unwind
  • Unwind roll weight 1,000 kg max
  • Unwind roll cores 3” I.D. / 6” I.D. (option)
  • Slit width 50 mm and up (Lower Upon Request)
  • Knifes Shear & Razor
  • Winding tension 0.5 pli to 2.5 pli
  • Finished roll diameter 600 mm
  • Finished roll cores 3" I.D. / 6" I.D.
  • Human Machine Interface - HMI
  • Roll Unloading Device
  • Included Splice Section

Human Machine Interface – HMI


  • High Resolution Colors
  • Long Life Service
  • All models come standard with independent and freestanding operator panels

Roll Unloading Device

Ideal for Large Diameter Heavy Rolls

Included Splice Section

The splicing process is accomplished at higher precision

Splice Section


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