Lasx Laser Module

LasX Laser Modules Integrated
to Karlville Slitters

The advantages of laser converting technology and the LasX partnership include:

  • Seamless integration with two laser platforms modules, FreshFocus & Dedicated
  • State-of-the-art laser technology by LasX
  • Highly accurate processing
  • Easy setup
  • Quick changeovers and flexibility to modify patterns or files on the fly
  • Flexible, controlled process regardless of web speed
  • Smallest possible features and intricate patterns and shapes
  • Score depth control for consistent depth without penetrating the barrier layer
  • Contract toll laser converting, product development and support center via LasX’s sister company FlexPak

Lasersharp Processing Modules


Contract laser converting services, demonstrations, and confidential product development, FlexPak is a tool for converters to jump start business prior to equipment purchasing. Please contact us to schedule a virtual tour and coordinate a visit to see our equipment in production.

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  • FreshFocus Product Launch Video
  • Breathable Packaging
  • Easy-Open Packaging
  • X-Fresh™ Extended Shelf Life Test
  • Microwave – Steam Venting Packaging Application
  • Stick Packs – Cross Web Scoring Application
  • Micro Perforation & Hole Drilling

Breathable Packaging

Laser perforating (hole drilling) provides adjustable hole size, location, and patterns.

Example applications:

  • Microwavable packaging
  • Modified-atmosphere produce packaging
  • Infusion packages for consumables such as tea, cannabis, salts, etc.
  • Carbon monoxide release for meat and seafood packaging
  • Venting
  • Air evacuation


Easy-Open Packaging

Laser scoring for easy-open packaging offers both straight and contour patterns and shapes.

Example applications:

  • Retort pouches
  • Flat or stand-up pouches
  • Stick-packs or single-use pouches
  • Straw holes for juice packages
  • Contoured scores for pour spouts
  • Lidding film for trays
  • Zippered pouches


X-Fresh™ Extended Shelf Life Test

Microwave – Steam Venting Packaging Application

  • Frozen Foods.
  • High precision steam vent slits for max cooking performance and safety.
  • For palletization efficiency, vents may be used to release trapped air in package.

Bird Eye Steam Vents

Stick Packs – Cross Web Scoring Application

  • Cross Perforation
  • Need to determine field of view and max score width

Stick Pack Apps

Micro Perforation & Hole Drilling

Mechanical vs Laser
• OTR, MVR & Venting Control

Perforation Mechanical Jpg
Perforation Laser Jpg
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