Jetfx Digital Embellishment

JetFX Embellishment Integration to Slitting

Seamless integration with State-of-the-art embellishment technology by Jetfx

JetFx is engaged in the manufacturing of digital inkjet embellishment systems for print enhancement. The technology is a UV inkjet-based unit which enables the application of fully digital graphic embellishments in one pass. We make use of single pass piezo inkjet heads which can carry out any combination of embellishment processes. This might include digital foiling overlaid with a 3D effect, or a spot coating.

The JetFx Digital Embellishment solution differentiates from others by combining three foundational pillars; Unique UV Inkjet Technology, Vertically Integration of developed performance coatings and most importantly 34 years of direct print application experience.
The objective is to create enough flexibility that innovation will come from the end customer, applicable to labels, shrink sleeves, pouches, etc.

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First fully commercialized mid-web Digital Embellishment solution for Flexible Packaging. Specially formulated inkjet coating for full FDA compliance.


  • Camera System for automated file loading and print synchronization.
  • Vision System for continuos X-Y registration
  • LED UV or Mercury UV systems available for integration.
  • Fully encompassed Module including Print Bar, Foil Unwind, Nip Station, UV Curing and Rewind.

Enhanced Embellishments

  • Digital Spot Coatings
  • Digital Tactile
  • Digital Foil (requires individual structure compliance approval)
  • Digital Casting Holograms
  • Micro Embossing
  • Propriety Digital Matte Finish


  • No Tooling
  • Personalize/Variable Printing
  • Digital Registration
  • Vertically Integrated Coatings
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • Highest Throughput in Industry

What are the advantages of the JetFx Digital Embellishment Print Bar to your customers?

  • Higher productivity
  • Time-saving performance under the commercial print performance
  • Waste reduction
  • Increased profit margins with short-run jobs
  • Combination label production with modern enhancements
  • Production cost reduction
  • Data versioning and variables
  • Mass customization with advanced foiling


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