SP600/800 HD

The SP800 fits large speed applications. With dual head can processes up to 800 containers per minute- and can be used for flexible packaging in several industries, such as beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, sauces and dressings. The maximum speed depends on the sleeve cut length.

Machine Specifications - SP 800

  • Bottle Diameter 25 - 155 mm
  • Sleeve Cut Lenght 30 - 300 mm
  • Max Speed Tamper Evident 800 CPM
  • Max Speed - 1/2 Sleeve 750 CPM
  • Max Speed - Full Body (single / dual head) 700 CPM
  • Film Thickness 0.035 - 0.08 mm
  • Sleeve Inner Core Diameter 127 - 254 mm (5" - 10")
  • Max Sleeve Roll Diameter 500 - 600 mm
  • Number Unwind Shaft 2
  • Options
  • Design
  • Features


Perforation: The SP models are capable to handle continuous vertical cross horizontal perforation per request.

Detection – Rejection: The SP models are capable to detect presence of the label, splice, label height.


Special Handling Systems: In the SP models, the special handling systems can be introduce to meet special product shares.

Stand Alone Unwinded System with Film Accumulator: This option can be integrated to the Hight Speed SleevePro models to avoid downtime on the production line by using the accumulator to splice to a new roll.


Orientation Systems: The SP models can use orientation system thru conveyor.


  • Servo Motor Driven
  • Servo Motor Cutting System
  • Splice Detection (SP 400 only)
  • 1 or 2 Roll Unwind w/ Film Accumulation Option


  • Linear Process Flow
  • Direct Sleeve Application.
  • Stainless Steel  Construction.
  • Changes over less than 10 minutes.
  • Allow Bradley compliant US Standards.
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