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SpoutPro FC-1E

The SPOUTPRO FC-1E is our entry level automatic pouch filling thru the spout and capping machine. It can fill top and corner spouted pouches. It is suitable for:

  • Food such as baby food, dips, hummus, sauces, peanut butter, honey, yoghurt, juices, alcoholic beverages.
  • Non- food such as gels, shampoo, lotions, soaps, conditioner, cleaners, softeners, automotive oils and adhesives.

Machine will be configured and built with a range of options according to customer product(s) to fill, filling condition(s), CIP requirements, spouted pouch(es) size and spout/ cap design.

Machine Specifications - SpoutPro FC-1E

  • Product Food and Non-food
  • Number of Filling Heads 1
  • Speed, PPM Up to 25 – 30ppm, depending upon pouch dimension, spout size and type of product(s).
  • Types of pouches Stand-Up, Two and Three Side Seal, and Side Gusset Spouted Pouches
  • Spout Position Top Center & Corner
  • SpoutPro FC-1E
  • Advantages of Inline Filling and Capping
  • Features
  • Products
  • Machine Compliance
  • Filling through the Spout

Advantages of filling through the spout

  • Highly reliable process
  • Clean process without spilling and spraying
  • Quick changeover to another pouch size
  • Easy handling of shaped pouches
  • No air evacuation necessary
  • Airless filling
  • High fill level, so less material
  • Simple machinery


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy to operate machine.
  • Pouches are loaded on rails. One rail a time.
  • This machine can fill pouches from 30ml up to 3 – 4 Lts.
  • 1 filling system – nozzle, dosing pump and surge tank- specially designed for your  product characteristics and one capping unit.
  • It can be equipped with lobe, gear, peristaltic or piston. Other options are available upon request and product to fill characteristics.
  • Power connection – 240 Volt monophase current only
  • Compact and easy to use and maintain
  • Small footprint
  • PLC/ HMI system – Beckhoff. Siemens is available at an upcharge.


  • Food
    • Dairy
    • Baby food
    • Dressings – Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Salad dressing
    • Juices, Sport drinks
    • Sauces – caramel sauce, chocolate sauce,
    • Butter – peanut, almond, cashew, any plant-based butters
    • Liquid eggs
    • Water
  • Non Food
    • Personal care – Body Lotion, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hand sanitizer
    • Synthetic oil
    • Industrial – cleaners and soaps, windshield liquids.
    • Home care – cleaners, detergents, etc.
    • Pharma – creams, lotions.
    • Liquid fertilizer

Machine Compliance

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG
  • Machine complies with EU, UL and CSA Standards*.
  • CE marked

If you need all cables inside the electrical cabinet to be labeled and a UL document with the machine then an additional charge witll apply. For CSA standard if required as UL there will be an additional charge.

Filling through the Spout

  • These FC-Type Machines are for fill through the already applied spout. This makes the process of filling products more secure and leads to a steady output filled pouches.
    • Safe and Highly Reliable process
      • Clean process – Reduced spilling, spraying.
      • Quick changeover to other pouch size(s) or shape(s).
      • Easy handling of shaped pouches.
      • All seals performance is the responsibility of the pouch supplier.
    • Simple and Versatile machinery
      • No sealing step needed
      • Filling head following pouches allows more time to fill for products sensitive to foaming
    • Filling products sensitive to foaming is easy and accurate
    • Machine capable of filling an ample range of top center and corner spouted pouches
    • Optimized use of packaging material – fill to max level.

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