The SPOUTPRO IFC – 2 is our model for inline automatic pouch spouting, filling and capping. This machine will be fed with pre-made standing pouch, three side seal pouch and/or side gusset pouch. Bag of co-ex material or laminate material with inside PE or PP sealant layer.

Spout material must be of the same resin than inner layer of the pouch, either PE or PP.

Ideal for Liquid Food: (Cold, Hot fill at up to 90C° or retort pouches)


Machine Specifications - SPOUTPRO IFC2-T

  • Product Ideal for Liquid Food: (Cold or Hot fill at up to 90C°)
  • Filling Range 0.05 to 0.5 L
  • Number Of Filling Heads 2
  • Number of Sealing Stations 4
  • Speed 70 ppm
  • Spout Position Top
  • Advantages of Inline-Spout inserting
  • Features
  • Products
  • Filling throuh the spout
  • Options

Advantages of Inline-Spout inserting

  • Reduced cost by inserting spout in one process followed by filling and capping in one solid platform.
  • Improved transportation efficiency by more pouches per box (no spout inserted in pouches)
  • Less inventory space require for stocking pre-made pouches compared with railed spouted pouches.
  • Better quality by not having bended railed pre-spouted pouches
  • No rails required – reduce complexity and cost


  • Hygienic Design:
    • All machine parts, in contact with product, are made out of stainless steel 316 L. (1.4404)
    • No tubes or cables inside of the filling room.
    • Complete machine in corrosion free execution.
  • Clean in Place
  • Safe Process
  • High Performance



  • Beverages (water, juices, drink mixers)
  • Dairy (Yogurt, creamers, smoothies)
  • Ice cream liquid toppings
  • Sauces and dressings
  • Fruit and Vegetable purees
  • Icing and Frosting cake decoration


  • Personal Care – body lotion, shampoo, conditioner
  • Soaps, detergents, cleaners
  • Home Care – soaps, detergents, glassand hand cleaners,
  • Industrial Care – lubricants, inks



Filling through the spout

Pouch- Spout Filling2Pouch- Spout Filling1

  • Highly reliable process
    • Clean process – Reduced spilling, spraying
    • Quick changeover to other shaped pouches
    • Easy handling of shaped pouches
  • Simple machinery
    • No sealing step needed
    • Filling head following pouches allows more time to fill for products sensitive to foaming
  • Optimized use of packaging material – fill to max level
  • From 8.5mm to max 17.5mm opening diameter
  • Spout boat length may be limited of pouch width and shape



  • Camera Vision Inspection System to ensure spout is positioned correctly.
  • Pressure Decay System to ensure the spout sealing meets production standards. This is only going to test for major issues.
  • Infra-red Camera System to ensure heat profile and seal consistency. Expensive system but higher level quality control.
  • Flush and Dry CIP system can be added to obtain a clean spout area after filling
  • Nitrogen flush is also possible.
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