The Startec machine consists of a tamper evident applicator head integrated inside an exiting labeller frame. The motion is taken from the exit star wheel of the labeller thus not requiring any conveyor or foot print on the line.

The Startec applicator is delivered with a non stop reel feeder in order not to stop the labeller when change of roll is required.


*Each project will be customized to client application over standard specification. Required customization at design stage could create limitation on machine capability in terms of speed and product size. For instance, we can design a machine to apply sleeve on 8mm product diameter.

Machine Specification - STARTEC 600

  • Bottle Diameter* All sizes
  • Max Speed Tamper evident* 600 CPM
  • Max Speed 1/2 Sleeve* NA
  • Max Speed Full Body* NA
  • Cap Diameter* 20 mm/55 mm
  • Bottle Height* 80 mm/350 mm
  • Sleeve Cut Length* 25 mm/90 mm
  • Material Thickness 0.05 mm/0.08 mm
  • Material Inner Core Diameter 120 - 254 mm (5"-10")
  • Material Diameter 500 mm
  • Number of Unwind Shafts 1/2
  • Principle of the machine
  • Dual Roll Unwind Stand - Optional at Low Speeds
  • Shrink Tunnel HeatCap - 1000 & 2x1000

Principle of the machine

The principal aim of the machine is to cut and apply a tamper evident sleeve onto the necks of containers like bottles, jars, tubes. Sleeves will have their final shape when shrunk in a heat tunnel.

  • The tube is flat and on a reel.
  • It goes then into the sleeve guide.
  • When it enters in the wedge, it is counter – formed.
  • It passes in front of a photocell.
  • It is carried by the brass rollers to the cutting block.
  • It is cut in sleeves.
  • The cut sleeves are applied onto the necks of the containers.
  • The containers go under the heat shrink tunnel and the sleeves are shrunk onto the containers


Dual Roll Unwind Stand – Optional at Low Speeds

  • The dual roll unwind stand is used for a non-stop production.
  • The tank of the unwind stand enables the operator to make the splice without stopping the machine.


Shrink Tunnel TamperHeat – 1000 & 2×1000

  • Dedicated to tamper evident applications.
  • Length 1000mm to 2000mm according to the speed and to the cut length.
  • Automatic pneumatic lifting system in case of line stop. For the 2x1000mm it is also used to adapt the length of the tunnel to the speed : the second section will only go down when it’s required.
  • Aluminium protection around tunnel


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