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Steampro Dry

This tunnel has this standard features:

-Super-Heated Steam & Exhaust Steam Reuse
-High Performance
-Reduce Space
-Minimum Moisture
-Low Energy Consumption


Machine Specifications - Steampro Dry

  • Available Lenghts 2000 / 3000 mm
  • Effective Shrink Height 300 mm
  • Max Container Width 350 mm
  • Max Container Diameter 160 mm
  • Steampro Process
  • Flow control
  • Recommended Option
  • Spray Direction

Picture2 steampro

Steampro Process

  • The 3 and 2 meter tunnel is divided into 2 main zones which are controlled individually.
  • Low pressure steam is directed onto the product by steam outlet pipes.
  • The steam pressure outlet is adjustable per pipe and zone.
  • Each individual pipe can be adjusted to match the contours of the bottle and the nozzles can be aimed at a particular angle towards the bottle.
  • There are four side doors on that allow for easy access to the inside of the tunnel.
  • The tunnel is on a table support and is equipped with an extraction fan and pressure indicator.
  • Customer will need to supply a source of steam for operation.

Flow control



  • Flow control by dual spherical valve or equipped with steam skid (electronic flow valve linked to temperature controller and pressure valve)
  • Electric valve can be linked to doors opening
  • High boiler power requirement

Recommended Option



Inlet and Outlet Exhaust for SteamPro

  • Option for customers requiring that any steam escaping from the tunnel is removed.
  • Keep Temperature and Pressure Inside Tunnel Stable
  • Keep Temperature and Moisture Outside the Tunnel Stable





Spray Direction

Fully – Adjustable

  • Up/Down – Adjustable
  • In/Out – Adjustable
  • Pipe Angle – Adjustable
  • Nozzle Rotation – Adjustable
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