Steambox Pro


This innovative concept has been developed in order to help all shrink sleeve market actors increase their ability to manage sleeving projects. The STEAMBOX PRO™ simulates the shrink tunnel process by using a progressive steam pulverization system along the container in a transversal movement.

It comes with a unique auto-steam shrink system that fits in a compact stainless steel case of 800mm*800mm*1800mm. It has been designed in order to simulate a shrink tunnel process using powerful progressive steam pulverization along the container height. The unit is very easy to install, and no need of conveyor or boiler required. The STEAMBOXPRO comes with an integrated boiler that can reach temperatures of 95ºC max for perfect shrinking.

Machine Specification - STEAMBOX PRO

  • Total Weight 110Kgs/242.5 lb
  • Speed 50-200 bph
  • Materials PVC, PET, PETG, OPS, PLA
  • Boiler Capacity 5.5 L/1.45g
  • Capacity to shrink 1, 2 or 4 containers
  • Conteiners Height Maximum 520 mm
  • Conteiners Width Maximum 250 mm
  • Advantages
  • Multi Spraying Ramp and Holder
  • Adapted Boiler Power


  • Integrated in a stainless steel cabinet
  • Demonstrate your film quality in front of customers, make samples “live” with their containers
  • Help companies manage film quality
  • Catch customers attention- Increase your sales Communication tool
  • Ability to develop new packaging concepts
  • Analyze distortions in different types of containers


Multi Spraying Ramp and Holder

  • Can enable higher volume capacity for small job and replace shrink tunnel (up to 30cpm for small items)
  • Customized product holders and nozzle on demand when possible (depends of shapes and size).


Adapted Boiler Power

  • Picture1Boiler will be adapted to customer need from 3,5 to 9kw
  • Non stop water filling
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