Premium solution from all market offer, the steamtec offers the most flexible and efficient solution for brands and all players to increase quality and line efficiency thanks to its full ramps 3D and process adjustment in live from outside.

Spray Direction – Fully Adjustable

  • Up / Down – Adjustable
  • In / Out – Adjustable to Match Bottle Shape
  • Pipe Angle – Adjustable
  • Nozzle Rotation – Adjustable

Steam Consumption

  • 100-350 Kg/Hr Depending on Length and Application


Machine Specification - STEAMTEC

  • Speed Until 250 bpm
  • Available Lengths 2000 mm/3000 mm
  • Max sleeve Height 380 mm
  • Max Container Height 400 mm
  • Max Container Diameter 170 mm
  • 5 Steam pipes on each side of the tunnel
  • Flow control
  • Ramp setting
  • Design

Flow control


  • Pressure regulation inlet & outlet
  • Individual raw valve flow control
  • Smart Karlville boiler regulation control
  • Low power requirement thanks to optimal design



Ramp setting

  • 1,2m long ramps
  • Flow control operated from one side
  • Up/Down adjustment
  • Neck focus thanks to angular adjustment
  • Micro holes for smooth and homogenate fog



  • Dual chamber for energy saving with glass windows and width adjustment for energy saving
  • Super heater
  • Integrated boiler
  • Water pre heated pipeline
  • Flow and pressure smart control
  • No net work insulation requirement
  • Integrated electrical cabinet
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