The Tampertec 1000I is a high performance machine developed to use the integrated tamper evident technology for large productions.


*Each project will be customized to client application over standard specification. Required customization at design stage could create limitation on machine capability in terms of speed and product size. For instance, we can design a machine to apply sleeve on 8mm product diameter.

Machine Specification - T1000i

  • Speed Up to 1000 bpm
  • Cap Diameter* 8mm-85mm
  • Bottel Height* 80mm-350mm
  • Sleeve Cut Length 25mm-90mm
  • Material Thickness 0.04 – 0.08mm
  • Roll Inner Core Diameter 125mm
  • Roll Diameter 500mm
  • Sharpest Design – Easier To Use
  • Features
  • Advantages
  • Available Options

Sharpest Design – Easier To UsePicture1


  • Up to 1000 bpm
  • High accuracy on shooting: 1/10 of mm
  • Registration Accuracy +/- 0,25mm
  • Soft touch screw for sensitive bottles
  • Global cinematic and wearing part reinforcement (material, sizing, design…)

Added value

  • Compact block can be integrated inside standard labeler



  • Tamper Evident Technology Integrated into the labelling machine
  • Star Wheel to Feed Screw connection
  • Installed In-Side for High Speed Application or difficult cap shapes


  • More compact line layout
  • Less line conveyors & motorizations required
  • High accuracy and reliability

Available Options

  • Dual Roll Unwind Stand – non-stop production highly recommended
  • Vertical Perforation

Perforation systems are used to allow the customer to remove the entire or a   portion of the sleeve in order to open the package or use the product.   The   continuous vertical perforation is created using one or two perf wheels that   make the perf non stop from one label to the next. This type of perforation is   used when the label is intended to be completely removed.

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