Thermo 3d Suite V 2

Thermo 3D Suite

Quadraxis offers a solution to companies who must create and produce thermoformed parts, allowing them to cover the entire surface of their subject with a perfect and artful design, regardless of the objects size or shape.


  1. Distortion Measurement
  2. Instant connection between our 3D Application and your Editor
  3. Real-Time Visual Control
  4. Enriched PDF 3D File Creation

Recommended Configurations

  • Operating system From Windows XP to Windows 8.1
  • From MacOS X Lion 10.7.3 to MacOS X 10.10
  • Processeurs Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz equivalent or better
  • Memory 4 Go RAM (strongly recommended)
  • 10 Go hard drive space
  • Video cards Nvidia 7300 GT 128 Mo equivalent or better
  • ATI x1600 128 Mo equivalent or better
Thermo 3D Suite V.2
  • Benefits
  • Design Distortions



With Thermo 3D Suite, the printers/thermoformers can now satisfy their customer’s expectations, within limited and controllable lead time, without having to be a specialist in 3D content, and above all, being always assured to meet industry quality requirements while creating a real added-value to their customers.

Quadraxis Thermal- additional info

Design Distortions3

It allows designers and prepress operators to correct design distortions occuring while the plastic sheet is formed. To that end, it is based upon measurements and real calculations.


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