Shrink Sleeves

Unprinted Film Rolls

PETG, PVC, OPS, PLA & Hybrid

We partner & collaborate with the global top shrink sleeve film suppliers;


Roto, Flexo, Digital & Offset

Inks must shrink at similar rates as film as well as match COF for easy application and shrinkage.


In order to ship direct from seamer, all print defects must be doctored prior to seaming



To lower cost and inspection production time, all print defects must be doctored prior to seaming.



For PETG flat edge slitting, we utilize tangential shear path with pneumatic knifes to guarantee no beveled edges. Beveled edges cause QC issues with open & stuck seams.


QC Issues such as open and stuck seams caused by beveled edges are today’s biggest problem in the industry.



Short and long run solutions, most complete seamer offering in the industry.


K1 through K5 Models to fit each converters and project needs.


Manual Application
Automatic Application
Cap Seal

Cap Seal

Automatic Application

Manual Application

Heat Shrinking

How it works

Converters purchase transversely oriented film in master rolls, print and convert into a tube for manual or automatic application & shrinkage. Shrink Sleeves are dynamic labels whose converting process directly affects the finished product. Thus, top converters that process shrink sleeve, work very closely with the end customer and the application machinery supplier to ensure successful implementation. Karlville's unique approach and leading business model to supply converting as well as application machines, allows our technical team to be most prepare to support our ever growing customer base.

Karlville has the most complete converting product line in the industry with 5 levels of Seamer Automation; K1 through K5, as well as multiple inspection and cutting machines, lab equipment for testing and pre-distortion software. In terms of application, our line is focused on the higher-end market, as our solutions are backed by an experienced technical team and support structure. Our focus includes high speed applications for beverage as well as high-end hot air solutions with our patented Tornado Technology for Nutraceutical, OTC, Pharmaceutical & Moisture Sensitive Applications. Karlville has the most expensive tunnel offering in the industry with niche tunnels such as our Sustainable Dry Steam System as well as our Integrated Boiler System. With support from our French operations, Karlville supplies specialty applicators for Tamper Evident as well as Pharmaceutical applications.


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