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Tape Multipacks

The Scotch® Clean Removal Multipack Tape and CEFMA machinery form The Multipack Solution. The Scotch® Clean Removal Multipack Tape holds the bundle while not damaging the primary packaging while the CEFMA machinery bundles up to 100 Multipacks per minute. The Multipack Solution is an alternative to multi-unit and promotional packaging such as bags, shrink wrap, chipboard and trays. It can help you grow your bottom line by increasing your productivity, standing out at shelf and reducing packaging material. Use it both to group products on shelf and to ship products more efficiently!

Scotch® Multipack Tape

Scotch® Multipack Tape helps products stand out on the shelf by improving primary packaging appearance and communicating brand messaging directly to the consumer.

Scotch® Clean Removal Multipack Tape 694 secures bundles yet does not damage the primary package when removed.
  • Effective, low-cost way to bundle consumer products into multipacks and value packs
  • Significant reduction in energy use and secondary packaging weight
  • High-quality custom printing in up to 8 colors, making product stand out at shelf while delivering a brand or promotional message
CEFMA Multipack Machines

From entry level to inline automate solutions, CEFMA has multiple configurations to meet your needs. Visit Machinery

The energy-efficient Multipack machines reduce costs, enhance production speeds and are easy to implement into any production line.

Finished product

The Multipack Solution gets results! It will increase your productivity, streamline your supply chain and operations, help your product shine at shelf and reduce non-primary packaging weight*.

*Compared to shrink wrap and trays. Does not include full LCA comparison

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Tape Multipack
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